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Workshop & dance class description

Life consists in creating oneself, master your flow...
So make it your reality and step in that dance!

Daybee's dance style is a cocktail of Fun & well-being practice throughout different dance forms such as HipHop 90’s, Modern, Afro-House, Hype, Dancehall, Waacking & more...


The emphasis of Daybee's dance class, is to contextualize the influences of Caribbean, European, African and Latin dance culture and combine them with the Urban and Hip-Hop dance world.

You will experiment some fun in practice but most of all the body & soul empowerment within different dance styles of the Afro diaspora, Urban culture, and show performing expression.

You have to try to understand.
Unleash your fears and free yourself with Daybee’s dancing experience.

Each one is welcome, no matter your generation, your physical condition, your dance levels or your experiences.

In opposition to traditional European dance, the common point between African, Caribbean and Hip-Hop dance in practice, is the use of its body center "the body core", which support and emphasizes the mastery of body isolations, movements strength, and body flow.

I offer a variety of dance styles that I have assimilated during my professional career, my socio-cultural experiences, my travels and my passion for music and dance.

Whatever inspiration or the objectives you have, whether to learn, to improve in dance, get in shape and / or get rid of stress, I propose different workshops sessions for all types of requests.


If you're interested in taking a workshop, group class, private class or dance workout with Daybee Dee,
please contact us to discuss your needs.

Dance allows to balance and free your mind, body & soul.

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