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Music and dance in these diverse forms are two of my favorite means of expression,
and my main sources of inspiration as the fondation of my body interpretation and artistic fiber.

I am a multilingual and versatile dance artist.
I dwell in differences, inspired by my multi-culture and my artist life experiences.


     Daybee’s competences include: 

  • 10 years of Classical & Jazz Music Education at the French Music Conservatory (Music Theory & Piano).

  • 26 years of experience in dance performance including touring, teaching, music videos, concerts, fashion-shows, films, TV , events ...and more.

Dance styles :
Hype (90's) - Hip-Hop - Disco - JazzFunk
African Dance - Dancehall
House Dance - Waacking
Zouk - Soca - Biguine - Samba - Salsa - Mambo - Limbo ...

Performances Worldwide :
TV-promotion of Mariah Carey in Paris and London, for the following singles
"Last night the DJ saved my life" (2000) and "Oh Boy" (2001).
Matt Houston, Alliance Ethnik, Kassav, Wes, Bob Sinclar, David Guetta, Kool Shen, Booba,Wallen, Larusso,
Laam, Hermes House Band, Puff Daddy, Billy Crawford, The Roots,and many more...

Performances in Paris :
"Generation 90's" Tv Show, for the following artists:
Crystal Waters, Bananarama, Rednex, Snap, Haddaway Ultra Nate, Faudel, Ophelie Winter,
Francky Vincent, Los del Mar, Lou Bega (Worldwide), Tarkan (in Paris, Istanbul, & in Germany)

Performances in Germany : 
Craig David , Flo`Rida, Seeed, Sarah Connor, Peter Fox, Scooter, Monrose,
Kesha, Marteria, Miss Platnum, Jan Delay, XFactor Tv Shows, and more...

Choreography, coaching and performances :
Sarah Connor Tour /  Scooter Music Video & Concert /
"Organiz" /"Vibe"/ Jalane Tour & Videos/ Tarkan Live shows/ Tragedie Tour 
Seeed Tour /Fairs / Events/ Sport Events / Cheerleaders "International Spectacle" aka "Eurogirls".

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